Saturday, January 07, 2006

Coach Cherry Defends Crosby for Once

Sid Crosby and Coach Don Cherry have both been controversial in the NHL, but when their backs are to the wall, they've both been found to rally on common ground. Such is the case here when Coach Cherry has finally supported "The Next One" after Pittsburgh's miserable home-and-home series against Atlanta and a hot Kovalchuk and Kari Lehtonen.
"I've seen a lot of things in my life but I've never seen a guy pointing to a guy in the penalty box," Cherry said. "Someone should've broken his (Kovalchuk's) arm but they didn't."

"I'm starting to like Crosby more and more because he doesn't back down," Cherry said. "They (Pittsburgh) absolutely have to get somebody to ride shotgun with him.
Now if we only had Cherry here as a coach or "special advisor" to toughen up a Penguins squad who's apparent current strategy is to turn the other cheek.

The Penguins in the offseason invested some free agent money in Ryan Vandenbuche (who is currently on IR) and Andre Roy. Roy has been useless in his designed role thus far after fracturing an orbital bone. He's worn a faceguard for a short time and has also been under specific orders not to fight.

Penguin fans were also teased in the offseason by the prospect of the Penguins bringing in legendary Toronto enforcer Tie Domi, but the Maple Leaf logo was more persuasive to him. Could Domi have been the answer to add the toughness that the Penguins lack ?

Crosby's linemates are the Slovak duo of Surovy and Pallfy have benefited from Crosby on the score sheet, but neither have given the kind of support against the abuse "the next one" has taken thus far.

It may take one serious injury to Crosby at the hands of an opponent before the Penguins wake up and protect their "investment in the future".

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