Thursday, March 09, 2006

Eric Cole Cheap Shots and Skates With His Head Down

I found this lovely little article from back in December 2005 at how going head first into the boards wasn't exactly new to the recently injured Eric Cole of the Carolina Hurricanes.
Cole suffered a head injury during Thursday's game against the Flyers when a player avoided his check, causing him to go head first into the boards. He left the ice under his own power, but was bleeding from the forehead. He is listed as day-to-day on the injury report. Details are still sketchy, but unless he suffered a concussion he should return to action shortly.
OH WOW! You'd think he'd learn from this experience to NOT SKATE WITH HIS HEAD DOWN!

They teach this kind of thing in pee-wees.

I am also entering evidence on the internet about this incident I read in a book of quotations that Eric Cole once got a game misconduct penalty in 2002 after an incident with an Ottawa Senator defenseman Chris Phillips. How convenient for Carolina fans to forget this! I guess he's not so squeaky clean either!
The momentum swung Ottawa's way for good with 5:29 remaining.
Cole controversially was hit with major boarding and game
misconduct penalties. The left winger skated to the penalty box
before being informed he was out for the rest of the contest.

Cole visibly expressed his anger as he skated across the ice and
smashed his stick on the Hurricanes' bench.

"I was just trying to finish my check," Cole said. "I put a hit
on their defense (Chris Phillips), I thought it was good. But
(referee Kerry) Fraser saw it a different way."

"The hit was shoulder on shoulder," Hurricanes coach Paul
Maurice said. "But it didn't turn out well for us."

[Via: AOL Fantasty Sports & USA Today]
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