Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hitting a Little Too Close To Home

Since I am a radio guy, I would have to say that if I were talking about this on the air, I would continually insist that the soundbyte of Brian Griffin from Family Guy going "Aw, Crap!" be used as a perfect assessment to signal the disappointment that Penguins fans would react to the situation that one of their players have gotten into.

So, Brooks Orpik bertuzzied some guy on Saturday. Big Deal!

Actually it IS a big deal and the militant wing of the Caniac nation wants blood! They're seeing more red than they're used to and I definitely understand the rage coming from tobacco road. Mind you, I stood up for the Caniac Nation when they were under attack from the hockey elitist and others who don't think hockey belongs in tropical cities. You would think that I would see some class in the bloggers from NASCAR country.

1.) Brooks Orpik is not the player that you think he is. He is a strong defenceman who is willing to use the body - a rare trait among other Penguin defencemen. He is popular among a lot of Penguins fans because he's not soft like the other players. This might make him look like a goon or a thug, but that's simply not the case. Even Brooks himself sees a more humble view of his play.
"I've never been accused of playing dirty," Orpik said yesterday. "I've never had a hitting-from-behind penalty, or been accused of that. I don't know where that comes from"
"I've seen way worse than that that doesn't even come close to getting [the offending player] suspended," Orpik said. "But whenever a guy gets hurt, they always look at it a little more closely, and that's a team that's in first place and [Cole is] one of their best players."
2.) Hockey players know the risks while they are out there on the ice. Accidents happen and that is just what this is. Brooks did not mean to break his vertebrae. It's the professional courtesy known among most athletes to realize that someone else could easily injure them.

3.) I already see the Caniac Idiots is pumping out their anti-Penguin propaganda led by the "negative nancy" herself spewing her venom amongst her dupes. Also, a website that I once appreciated in Red & Black has gone off the deep end by placing #26 in their banner. J.C.! It's not like the guy died!

4.) If the only recourse the militant Caniac idiots is the Penguins Official message board, then they all have lost their sense of reason. I am a member of the Penguins Message Board and post there routinely. I know that there is a wealth of people there that have no reason to be there. The militant "Canidiots", as I'll now call them, have chosen to persuade people to their smear campaign by portraying Penguin fans as callous and quote "don't care". The circle of Penguins fans that I know in myspace fan groups all posted immediate concern for poor Eric Cole.

Accidents Happen!!!

[Via: Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
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