Thursday, April 20, 2006

Heads Will Roll

Not even one full day into the NHL post season, some management and coaches are being held accountable because the teams that they produced didn't match up with the lofty standards set by the media, fans, ticket holders, bloggers, etc...

General manager Craig Patrick has either stepped down or was fired today (I've found conflicting sources about his dismissal). The Penguins, who were expected to vastly improve with the historic #1 pick selection of Sid Crosby, fell flat after the team that was put together by GM Patrick bred in-fighting, poor coaching, and uber-miserable losing streaks that stretched 8-9 games at a time. Patrick signed Gonchar, Palffy, and Recchi all of which under achieved their expectations. In the end, Craig Patrick had to be held accountable.

Pat Quinn is a dinosaur. I'm sorry, but it's just true. His reported style of coaching and GM history shows that he wasn't able to adapt to the changes post-lockout. It was his GM decisions pre-lockout that caused the mess that the Leafs are in today. Quinn was caught up in the "arms race" collecting old veterans at the trading deadlines and sacrificed the team's future by dealing first round picks and young defensive prospects. The Leafs management was unwise and held on to the traditional fan favorites instead of bettering themselves for the future. Pat Quinn had to be held accountable.
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