Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Women Players Getting Vicious

Sometimes news stories like these are sad.

When the culture of showmanship gets so tilted towards the athlete gaining that personal attention to showboat, perhaps stuff like this will make players think twice about showing up the competition.

There was a serious injury in a Canadian school (equivalent to US High School) in New Brunswick that needs special attention. The parties involved were teen girls where one of them was seriously wounded by an after-the-whistle penalty that really should shock all hockey fans in North America.
Bernard, who plays for the Dalhousie Cyclones, had just scored the winning goal in double overtime of the fifth and final game of a league series against the Shippagan Vikings when she was hit while she had her arms raised in celebration.
I hope that this young lady will get better.

[Via Toronto Star with hat tip to Neale News]
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