Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cole Set for a Comeback in Timely Fashion

While the Howard Dean of the Caniac Nation exchange insults with the Sabre-rattlers, a few things can go unnoticed around the league.

One news item that the Caniac Nation has surprisingly lost focus on during the commotion of the Eastern Division championship series is the continual progress of "the martyr", Erik Cole, in time for the final run for Lord Stanley's Cup.

According to news last Thursday, Erik skated on his own to further his recovery from a major neck injury. As you'll recall, Erik was injured in an accident when he skated towards the boards with his head down, unable to brace himself for a "sick bump" (to use a pro wrestling term) by an oncoming opposing player. Cole lost a considerable amount of time in the regular season because of that accident and has yet to see action in the playoffs. The spinal chord/neck injury he sustained became a rallying point in the eyes of many Caniacs as Cole's condition attained "fallen warrior" status. If Cole is able to fully recover from his injuries, it would be a huge boost to his teammates and Caniac fans.

I am certainly glad that Erik continues good progress in healing after suffering such an accident. He has been given another chance for a career in hockey after his continued prior bad habits in his playing style. He has maintained a level of dignity and I am impressed with his choice to not lash out through the press at anybody else or sought means of revenge through the court system.

Here at the Hockey Fanatic blog, I continue to wish Erik well in his recovery.

[Via: TSN/NHL Network]
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