Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Slip Sliding Away ?

I think the Edmonton Oilers have got to have the upper hand in the NHL Finals this time around, because for the Carolina Hurricanes, they can probably feel the grip on the series and Lord Stanley a slip-slip-sliding away!

Now, the Hurricanes have to go back to Edmonton and play in that very hostile Rexall Place and realize that they should have closed it out with one win away. The Stanley Cup was in their building and all set to party. Now, the Hurricanes have to be mulling over a little self-doubt. Did they have what it takes to win it all? And the worse thought is how the Hurricanes can be so superstitious when they could have felt that the Oilers tampered with their ice in the pregame shenanigans.

Ron Francis has seen the Stanley Cup placed in his hands and also seen the losing end of the Finals. He's been blogging the amazing Carolina run with a blog sponsored by WRAL-TV
So the bottom line is the Canes did play well enough to win but didn't; the Oilers played well enough to win and did. That happens in sports.
Dynamite analysis, Ronnie! That broadcasting school is really starting to pay off! (oh yea, by the way, we writers make use of a thing called paragraphs.)

Another appropriate time this could be used is to describe the slipping and sliding that players really know how to take a dive. It's really getting ridiculous. If you watched Game 5, the NBC-TV tandem of Mike Emrick and John Davidson talked openly about it mentioning that players should be assessed a "two and a ten". I would have to agree with them. These players are athletes who can stay up on their skates with remarkable skill, but once they feel a poke of an opponents stick, they slip and slide with all the drama implied.

[Via: Ronnie Francis' WRAL-TV Blog]
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