Wednesday, July 12, 2006

EA Releases Soundtrack for NHL 07

Since EA Sports has grown into the continent's leading brand for sports video game software, Electronic Arts has worked up more information regarding their fall lineup of franchise games. Since EA Sports has their main programming hub in Burnaby, B.C., you would expect them to know how to produce the best hockey game imaginable. So compared to the other franchises out there, EA Sports is able to deliver the NHL action to it's full potential.
"Hockey is an amazingly visceral sport and we wanted the soundtrack to be every bit as powerful. We are really proud that the line-up of artists in the game are all true hockey fans from major hockey towns," said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Music Marketing at EA.
Particular to the hockey game, since 2000, EA has used in-Game music with their franchise titles and have painstakingly brought in bands from NHL cities. Minneapolis, Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal and yes, even Pittsburgh has a band in this latest edition. They even went exotic to include a Swedish and Australian band. Bad Religion didn't make the cut.

It's possible for the kind of exposure for bands to get a boost in airplay. I've been able to identify bands featured on the pro football games in the past and enjoy their work.

[Via: Yahoo! Finance]

(Disclaimer: I am not a compensated endorser of EA Sports)
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