Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Price is WRONG!

The latest big news story going around on all the blogs and websites is the shocking contract of Rick DiPietro. I don't blame Rick here for such a thing. He comes out of this sitting pretty as only a real fool would turn down such an offer.

It seems to me that Islanders owner, Charles Wang, is a lot like the idiot on Price is Right's contestant row who overbids for a simple item (like a clock) by not saying $1 and ends up wiping out the entire showcase?

My theory to this senario forming over the Island is quite simply a business owner intentionally running this into the ground so he can pack up and move the team elsewhere. But, leaving the New York market for anywhere would be a step down when NY is the #1 market in the USA. Again, on the other hand. The Isles will always be the "kid brother" to the already established NY Rangers. It must be pretty hard to make a dent in that franchise's fanbase.

Its amazing to watch when all during the lockout, the league tried to make the new NHL "idiot-proof", but nobody said they cant also produce a bigger idiot.

Charles Wang, No showcase showdown for you!!!

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]
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