Friday, September 29, 2006

Special Saints Day

Well, It is that time once again where I check in with my "friends" in the Toronto area and those in Burlington, VT.

The Toronto St. Michael's Majors is currently celebrating 100 years of a hockey program of teaching young kids the fundamentals of the game. But in 2007, they will be in their 10th straight year of the modern era of the program. It has started off slow for the Majors with only gaining 2 points in the first 4 games. But the excitement still grows for the programs each year. You can read about their pre-season status at their official website here.

But over in Vermont, the ECAC season has not started yet for the Purple Knights. In Mid-November, the men's team will resume their Northeast 10 conference play. The women's team will start earlier in the beginning of Nov. hoping to rebound from last season's losing streak.

Good luck to both teams this season.
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