Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Penguins Find New Buyer

It was broadcasted today to KDKA that the Penguins are going to have a press conference tomorrow afternoon to announce that RIM CEO Jim Balsillie will purchase the team for $175 million US dollars. The announcement is expected to be in conjunction with the Penguins season opener against the rival Flyers on Oct. 5th.

Jim Balsillie is mostly known for producing the BlackBerry palm organizing device and is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Fans are rightfully concerned about the team moving to Hamilton, but Jim Balsillie has stated that he will keep the team in Pittsburgh if there is an arena to play in. The League would still have to approve of the sale and is expected to be finalized in December.

Hamilton is already home to the AHL Bulldogs who play in the Copps Coliseum.

Commenting on the deal, NHL Commish Garry Bettman had this to say:
"Why would we want to leave a hockey hotbed like Pittsburgh?" he said. "The only thing that could drive us out of town would be the inability of those in charge of government entities to provide a new building, as was provided for the Steelers and the Pirates."
Sadly, this is all the help that the NHL has given the Penguins. Lip service!

[Via: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
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