Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Writing Challenge: The Perfect Game

I have been inspired by a blogger group of ladies that call themselves by the acronym "hlog". They have a fantastic list of ideas and writing prompts for hockey bloggers to break out of their creative slumps. Even with some of the girls already compiling their thoughts, I felt compelled to share with you my list.

What are your ten prerequisites for a perfect game?

  1. Hall of Fame Broadcasting Voice: Mike Lange - I imagine that a generation Pittsburgh hockey fans are very spoiled to know that the game is being shaped by the outrageous personality. His claim to fame is his quirky catch phrases that seem silly at first, but grow on you. He smoked him like a bad cigar! Scratch my back with a hacksaw! Get in the fast lane Grandma, the bingo game's ready to roll! Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too! And as Pittsburgh fans know well, a hockey game just doesn't feel the same without Mike Lange's voice.

  2. Good Pregame Festivities - The hype that makes the game important should be told right before the game. A highlight reel, a great soundtrack of modern rock songs or have a hockey team with their own theme song. The Penguins, for example, take the ice to their theme song "Boys of Winter" which that alone is what gets a strong mental focus!

  3. An awesome rendition of the respective national anthem - Nothing psyches up the crowd when a great singer can belt out a national anthem which unifies the patriotism of everyone in attendance. I was in awe when I heard the highlight of the Oilers faithful take over their Canadian anthem and the whole arena sang together.

  4. Rivals - If the team doesn't play in my favorite team's division, then it just doesn't feel as exciting. Rivals create that storyline that can be traced back for many seasons. And there is the hate factoring in wherein vanquishing the 'bad guys' is that much better.

  5. International Competition - When national pride is on the line, it can't get any more serious. USA vs Canada or Russia is a not-to-miss classic!

  6. The opposing enforcer/goon gets clobbered - So he deserved it! He was probably agitating our star player for the whole game. All it takes is for one brave player to drop the gloves and send a real message that this team won't back down to anybody.

  7. All Stars - It's an exhibition of the best of the best.

  8. A little romance - A lot of arena venues do "the kiss cam" where a couple is prompted to kiss and displayed on the video screen. I haven't had that specific experience yet, but any opportunity to enjoy a date at the hockey game is the best. Sharing my hobby with someone I care deeply about is near bliss. But if I don't have a date there is always the entertainment value of watching the antics of the sponsored Ice Girls.

  9. Highlight Goals - Anybody could just stand in the front of the net and cherry pick a rebound, but the real exciting goals are the ones that get shot from far out in the point or is created by sheer athleticism and skating ability. And if that goal is then featured on Coach's Corner, then everybody saw it!

  10. A Championship trophy - It doesn't get any more exciting when there is something to win at game's end. A Cup, a trophy, a banner, a championship, a divisional title is what the real goal everybody starts out the season to earn. Heck, even beer leagues has the team parade a large keg over their victorious heads!

[Via: hlog {Hockey's Ladies of Greatness} ]
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