Thursday, February 15, 2007

da Floppah is latest Nashvile Star

The conclusion to all of the media hype and speculation about Peter Forsberg being traded has been written. Quickly rushing to the publishing block, sports writers and bloggers have all jotted down their opinions and evaluations of who got the better of the trade. "A rush to judgement" said hockey's trusted insider Bob McKenzie.

So far, nobody has put much thought into the stability of the Nashville Predators franchise when it is the giant elephant in the room that everybody is ignoring. Just like the Penguins, the Predators could wind up in a new home because as one blogger suggests, Music City provides a regular amount of cultural entertainment that rural middle-America (re. Caucasian country cowboys) causing them not to grasp the concept of the coolest game on ice.

Does this now provide a little more star attraction to the Predators where they can gain more attendance? We shall soon see in the coming weeks.
'This trade could be our defining moment and we didn't want to look back 20 years from now and wonder whether or not the Peter Forsberg trade might have made a difference on helping the Nashville Predators win the Stanley Cup.''

- Predators head coach Barry Trotz on the acquisition of Peter Forsberg.
Coach Trotz has it right on the money whereas this franchise needed a quick attention grabber even more that somehow stars like Vokoun and Paul Kariya have failed. But will the Predators even exist 20 years from now?

Forsberg returns to the Western Conference, a place where he saw more success than laboring in the East with the Nordiques and Flyers. He will no doubt wreak havoc on Red Wings fans who know him very well as an Avalanche player.

The Predators are now an instant Stanley Cup contenders and should they now figure out how to survive in the playoffs, they will arrive as the Western Conference representatives in the finals.

[Via: TSN]

Author's Note: da Floppah is a nickname Peter Forsberg earned for his aggressive playing style that has often had rival fans observing Forsberg tripping himself over opposing players sticks to draw extra penalties - hence flopping onto the ice.
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