Monday, February 12, 2007

Not a Good Week For Goalies

I once remarked to a Hockey journalist colleague of mine about my opinions on Ray Emery being the stopper for the Senators. Using my long memory for obscure sports stories, I recalled how unimpressed I was with Emery on a personal level as my concern for his mental stability may come into question again one day. I am not surprised this happened.

Sure enough, Ray Emery has been suspended for 3 games because of his actions taken against young Maxim Lapierre of the Montreal Canadians in the Feb 10th. There is some video of it, where you can see for yourself as long as you don't mind the broadcast in French. Ray Emery is a psycho. That is all there is to it. A thug who shouldn't be fighting when he is the goaltenter. The guy also was a fan of Mike Tyson. That should be a huge tip-off there!

He fought in juniors, he fought and got suspended in the AHL. Need I remind you of the game against the WB/S Penguins' Michel Ouellet? He got a 5 gamer then too.

Also making headlines is goaltender Olie Kolzig, the franchise face of the Washington Capitals. He hurt his knee today during a Capitals practice and is expected to be out for 3 weeks. Admittedly in the AP report, this injury becomes critical during a thriving Capitals resurgance and rebuilding year as they try and grab a playoff spot. Journeyman Brent Johnson will be called upon during this next month.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet & Yahoo! Sports]
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