Thursday, May 24, 2007

Predators May Move North

Some fans thought it was risky to expand into non-traditional markets. I was initially not one of them. But the idea of giving a franchise to Tennessee was compelling because the NFL sought fit to move there and the NBA later set up camp.

Here we have another NHL franchise that appears on paper to be struggling, but the team on the ice is on the verge of casting off the expansion stigma into one that could contend in the playoffs.

Enter: Jim Ballsilie.

The news is no doubt shocking to a lot of fans. I could bet that a few people in the Predators fandom without the benefit of blogs would be dissapointed at the news. But I am not sure where the COHF and my role comes into play during these negotiations.

First off, I am not a fan of "Ball-silly" and his dubious intentions. He got a lot of publicity when he tried to move the Penguins. Now, he, his Blackberry, and his RIM company product are in the news once again. (Nevermind you that he is still under investigation for stock fraud)

I am not as emotionally involved with the Predators potentially moving as I was with the Penguins. I am against any and all franchise relocation. It is up to the Predators organization, their fans, the Nashville Tennessee community, to ban together to prevent this atrocity from happening.
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