Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sabres, You Are The Weakest Link. Goodbye!

So, what excuse will it be this year, Sabres? You came so close to the end and again fall short of expectations. I wouldn't have to make this post, but I considered what happened last year and now I await to hear all the excuses the fans will no doubt spew over message boards and blogs. I am certain that none of it will be at all classy.

In 1999, it was a skate in the crease. Last season, the fans flooded the boards with "Our team was hurt." But what players rose up and filled in for those missing players? Injuries happen. If the team was as good as fans say it is, they would get it done! Great teams make the finals.

I heard that the reason why there is a Niagara Falls is that it becomes a river after all the tears being shed by Buffalo sports fans.

Put away your tissues for now, I am going to provide your team with new excuses for this off season so as to not repeat the same lame ones we all heard last off-season. Please, feel free to use them or relay your own prepared whines on the comments section. But if you do leave comments, please have the testes or ovaries (which ever is applicable) enough to put a name to it. No Anonymous comments.

For example, here is a clueless Sabres fan leaving me a comment. But I only laugh.
its too bad that you hold all this anger towards the Buffalo Sabres. You should try bowing to the best hockey team in the NHL today and the toughest, smartest coach in the NHL.
No. I stand firm to my attitude towards Buffalo. I feel vindicated.

    Buffalo's new excuses:

  • Clearly, the NHL hates you. The fact that you have never won a Cup and boring defensive trap playing teams like the Devils who have won 3 is a sure sign.
  • The salary cap. You won't keep Drury and Briere together.
  • The NHL needs a token Canadian team in the Finals. Ottawa was it. Sorry. If it was you in the finals, then the league would have to hear the constant bellowing from the CBC, Canada and the kook-fringe faction of the Canadian blogisphere that the Cup was again going to the "Yanks" who don't deserve it and don't appreciate it.
  • Mick McGeough was incognito in Game Five's overtime.
  • You could also throw a lot of heat the way of Coach Murray. Perhaps all of the spittle by his juicy mouthed chatter found it's way to the ice and made slick spots on the ice surface. Sufferin' Succotash!

And what will become of 'ol Ruff-stuff? Don't you think that failure after failure, Coach Ruff has worn out his stay behind the Sabres bench? I told a friend of mine the other night that I felt that game 4 was going to be played like every one's job was on the line.
I wish I could be in the board room when Lindy gets the proverbial Trump-esque "You're Fired!"
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