Friday, June 29, 2007

A Tip of the Salary Cap

The NHL Salary Cap is going up. $50.3 for the ceiling and $34.3 for the floor.

With all of the kook blogger fringe going around claiming that the league is acting poorly in their own money hoarding interests, it would follow suit to speculate that there are some really shady things going on with the cap numbers too. I am not alleging anything here, but what if....

The one contentious fix to the new hockey CBA in '04 was the establishing of a salary cap. This effectively made sure that it would prevent most of the players' salaries from getting too out of hand while keeping the rationale of the current slumping state of TV revenue/ratings. Where the shadiness comes in, I bet that the spoon full of sugar for the NHLPA to swallow the bitter pill of a cap was the promise that the cap number would be low to start out and consistently rise in the future. This would mean that the players salaries would someday return to the bloated frame it was, only at a slower pace.

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