Monday, September 24, 2007

Crosby Action Figure 2.0

If you are into collecting hockey merchandise and memorabilia, there is new news in the McFarlane-Spawn company NHL action figures.

Sid Crosby is expected to be included in the next wave of toys and will be featured in the controversial RBK Edge uniforms as well as the captain's "C". This year, Crosby is seen modeled hunched over as if he were ready to dominate a faceoff. Crosby was a real hard find in his previous action figure incarnation and just as hard to acquire on eBay as the asking price was often twice the sticker price.

Flyers fans aren't forgotten either as the link shows McFarlane toys will also produce a Simon Gagne action figure complete with "A" and Edge jersey. I don't know if the demand for Gagne would be comparable to Crosby, but at least it is a deserving tribute to a great player.

...And as dubbed by the media as Crosby's nemesis, Alex Ovechkin's next figure will be included in the 5th wave of hockey superstars to be immortalized in three inch style.

All figures will be expected to be on the shelves in early November 2007. Just in time for the holiday seasons.

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