Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bonvie Brigade's Last Ride

As the sport of hockey tuns the corner to focus on more skilled players, the older players who were only on the roster for one thing are becoming extinct. Some in the drive-by media call them "thugs" or "goons", but some do have enough personality and charisma to capture the hearts of an entire fan-base.

Dennis Bonvie is the type of player that is always great to have on your team and bane to play against. Bonvie is an enforcer who never could crack a big league lineup and then built a reputation as being one of the most feared fighter in the AHL. He hold the record for most penalty minutes in the AHL. Go ahead and read up on Bonvie at his Wiki page.

This year will be Bonvie's last run in the AHL and the WBS Penguins are saluting their warrior with a special season ticket plan with a set package of giveaways which include "Bonvie Bobble Gloves" (which I am not so sure what that is).
Packages start for as little as $71.25 apiece, which equates to a savings of more than $16.00 off the gate price when buying the five games individually. Additionally, every purchase comes with a free Dennis Bonvie Farewell Tour T-Shirt.

[Via: WBS Penguins Press Release]
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