Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Angela.

Hockey often presents opportunities that makes heroes of pioneers and the women's game is abundant of those. COHF would like to wish a happy 28th birthday to one of those pioneers - Angela Ruggerio.

Angela is one of the more celebrity female players having parlayed her Team USA Olympic success and extended her exposure to writing a best selling book Breaking the Ice, won the 2004 Patty Kazmaier Award, and was an integral cast member on NBC's reality TV series The Apprentice's sixth season.

She also spoke truth to power as she criticized Team Canada during the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics for possibly displaying unsportsmanlike strategy.
"I'm upset that Canada has been running up the score, especially against the host nation... There was no need for that. They're trying to pad their stats... Canada is running up the score for whatever reasons -- personal, short-term."
But her most highlighted hockey achievement came on January 28, 2005 by playing a CHL game with her brother Bill and the Tulsa Oilers.
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