Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ovechkin A Rich Russian

What is that "The Great 8" now sees in his tinted visors? American money! And perhaps Ovechkin has been looking in the mirror lately because he has been nothing but "money" for the Washington Capitals.
Alex Ovechkin agreed to a $124 million, 13-year contract extension Thursday with the Washington Capitals, working out the details himself in negotiations with owner Ted Leonsis and general manager George McPhee.
I imagine that most Capital fans, like Wes @ The Cabana, are leaping up and down from the Ovechkin cash grab.
Thank you management for re-signing the one player who over the past couple of years has rekindled my love for the game.
I talked a little bit about Ovechkin to my "Washington Insider" over the holidays, and he told me that he suspected that they were going to sign him long term. I liked this deal when it could be speculated that he could be lured back for 10x more money playing back home in the Russian Super league. Locking him up long term was a good move by the Capitals and for the NHL.

But if you didn't live in the nation's capital, you would maybe look at it differently. Crosby made a point to sign for less so that the team could improve, but Ovechkin takes up a lot of cash to become the franchise player. Compared to his media-created nemesis in Crosby, this deal for Alex looks absolutely greedy. There is plenty of questions that I would like to ask the mumbling Russian. Does he make the players around him better? That answer is a definite- NO. Did he not realize that now he must live with that contract? How do you say "no re-negotiations" under the new CBA?

It is good to see him get what he has earned so far with all the goals he scores.
"I'm happy to stay here," Ovechkin told the Assoicated Press. "It's my second home. I like the fans. I like the team. I like everything here."
In the land of American politics, that is a very politicized response to perhaps some rumors leaking on chat rooms believing that Ovechkin could sign with Toronto or Montreal once his rookie contract was done. Alex confirms those rumors with his next quote.
"When you read the newspaper and, like, 'Ovechkin can go over there,' 'Ovechkin can be traded,' you feel it," said Ovechkin. "But then you try and don't think about it, but you think about it. Right now, I think all about my game."
What was that very last part?

[Via: Yahoo! Sports & NHL Network]
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