Monday, January 21, 2008

Penguins Vs Capitals Rivalry Faces Revamped Hype

It's going to have a different take this time around as Versus initially hoped they would have a classic match-up of two of the best young NHL superstars in the game. With Crosby hurt, the fledgling new Versus should be scrambling to give viewers a new reason to watch tonight's game.

Leave that job up to one of the best blogs about the D.C. area in Japer's Rink. Last time the Penguins and Capitals met, writers from that blog searched out bloggers' opinions on who they thought would win. This new edition (the link found at bottom) is a sure-fire winner for it's entertainment value. I was contacted and subsequently gave a reply in hopes that the battle blog-esque post grows into a new blogger phenomenon.

Ovechkin is carrying the Capitals, and this match-up will be the first time Pittsburgh has seen him since he signed that ridiculously long contract It would be silly to watch if the Penguins faithful waved fake money at him from their seats in Mellon Arena. Malkin will likely continue his path to breaking out of the Crosby shadow and give the fans something else to ponder about his young team. Is this Malkin's coming out party on national TV? Stay tuned.

Check out what has to say about the preview to the game story at their official website.

[Via: Japer's Rink]
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