Monday, April 14, 2008

Avery Rule Now in Effect

A lot of hockey fans were in shock last night after witnessing the antics of one shameless hockey goon, Sean Avery, and took to the airwaves, blogs, and other media outlets to express their disapproval.
Avery made headlines across the hockey world Sunday night when, during a 5-on-3 power play, he stood with his back to the play and waved his arms in front of Brodeur to distract the goalie. At another point, he also held his stick in front of Brodeur’s mask and waved the stick back and forth in another attempt at distraction.
There isn't any defense of what Avery did. It goes against the spirit and honor of the game. COHF is all about telling it like it is, so I would hope that there is a unanimous opposition to Avery's behavior.

Nope, I was wrong. A poll on shows that there is 26% morons in North America. If you could make the case that it shouldn't be a penalty, I sure as heck would look the other way when Brodeur pulls out his fist out and levels Avery.

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