Monday, April 07, 2008

Mirtle's Fantasy League Results

I am not pleased at all.

So the final results were posted on the Fantasy Hockey league run by "cult favorite" Jimmy Mirtle. My PA Hockey Knights came in dead last... and there was no one even close to contend with such a losing group of players.

Perhaps I run into a bit of a problem when picking my guys in fantasy leagues. I want to pick all of my favorite players and let the chips fall where they may, but I suppose it wasn't a wise decision. I should have taken the BPA (best player available).

This is where I seriously consider retiring permanently from fantasy hockey leagues. It does compromise my rooting interests as well as a bane on my Internet routine. I try to set the rosters daily, but it seems like it never makes a difference. Am I doing something wrong? Did they penalize me for my daily roster fixes?

Congrats to everybody who participated in the league this year. Perhaps I can be coaxed into playing again next year... that is.. if my team gets the #1 overall for next year!
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