Saturday, May 24, 2008

2008 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions - Round 4

Well, I went two for two in my predictions last round, and I will give myself the congratulatory pat on the back. A lot of experts didn't give good predictions. Kinda makes me wonder why they are getting paid for their "expertise" and I am still here. Anyway here is the storyline and talking points for this final series.

Stanley Cup Final

Detroit v. Pittsburgh

Even with the Curse of the Presidents Trophy in mind, the Detroit Red Wings are a great team with 10 Stanley Cup banners in Joe Louis Arena.

All due respect to the Red Wings fans, but the true "Hockeytown" is not the Motor City, but the Steel City - Pittsburgh, PA. The fans here in Pittsburgh has endured a lot in the past few years. Have Detroit ever had to wory about losing their franchise and fight to keep it there? No. The Penguins fans fought to keep their team. The Penguins fans line up by the thousands just to stand outside and watch the games on the newly planted big screen.

Detroit has it's grizzled veterans and Pittsburgh has it's young rising stars. But where you might think Detroit has the veteran depth, it is actually a one line team. How many first line centers does Detroit have? Answer: 1. Franzen is still concussed and may not play for game 1. Sitting next to him is Chris Chelios, a man that met the Penguins in 1992 playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. Remember that year, Chris?

If you want to get the Detroit side of blogging I only trust a few sources there so I highly recommend Behind the Jersey. Christy is a very proficient writer who is in constant tune to her team and presents her team with a fair journalistic integrity.

Prediction: I recuse myself for obvious reasons. I think we all know who the winner is destined to be.
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