Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NHL 09 May Contain Winter Classic

Sean Leahy of the blog Going Five Hole has scored a great interview with a representative of EA Sports and drilled him with questions about the upcoming NHL 09 due to hist stores this September 9th. You can read the full interview by the link at the bottom.

I think the last paragraph of his blog article pretty much catches it all.
One of the questions I asked was about whether or not a Winter Classic mode in the game. Eric answered "can't say". Now, he knows all about the game at this point and he holding back information for obvious reasons. I have to believe if there was zero chance of this addition being in the 09 game, he would have just outright say 'no' correct?

There is a "huge surprise" left to be announced by EA Sports regarding NHL 09. Until it's officially out of the bag, I'm saying the Winter Classic will be a playable mode.
That makes total sense to me too. The only outdoor fun on NHL 08 was with the mini games one-on-one skills competitions.

[Via: Going Five Hole]
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