Thursday, October 02, 2008

NHL Back On Sirius Satelite Radio

I like and use my Sirius radio at night listening to all of the diverse, unfiltered and uncensored programming. When I first got it as a Christmas gift, I enjoyed a lot of the hockey programming and all the games being broadcast. This past season, I was unable to hear all of those because the NHL signed an exclusive deal with XM. I got a little taste of XM's home ice channel in my dad's brand new car during road trips.

I am glad to read now that some of the programming that I was so envious of XM having is now coming over to Sirius - thanks to the companies merging. A whole radio channel dedicated to the sport that I so passionately love is going to find a new home as one of my preset buttons. Now, even though Sirius had the NHL hockey coverage before, they did not have an exclusive channel. Before the NHL's exclusive agreement, only the "NHL Live" 12-2pm could be heard syndicated on what was Sirius' "Action Sports" channel.

Sirius also promises that the NHL will again broadcast their games like they did with XM, something that Sirius didn't do before the merger. Sirius broadcasted only a select few games day-by-day.

From the NHL perspective, it exposes the league to a bigger fan base. Satellite broadcasting opens up the sport to re-define a team's fan base exposing coverage to a whole continent. Kind of makes you wonder if the NHL looks to redefine "regional territory protection rules".

[Via: Sirius-XM: NHL]
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