Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tocchet Becomes Lightning Coach

Despite having been associated with the NJ gambling ring controversy, Rick Tocchet has worked himself back into good graces having been named the new coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Fresh off the firing of Barry Melrose, Tocchet has a great group of underachieving hockey players who only lack the real focus.
"This was a tough decision to make," general manager Brian Lawton said. "Barry is a good man and we have a great deal of respect for him. However, the results were unacceptable and the players have to understand that we need to be better. Hopefully this change helps push them."
So, why give Barry the chance to turn things around? It is so early in the season! The Tampa Bay Lightning were under no pressure of expecting to be top of the list in the Eastern Conference. With 66 games left in the season, there is plenty of time to rebound and dominate a perpetually weak Southeastern division.

Congratulations to Coach Tocchet who is still remembered fondly in Pittsburgh as being a big piece to the Stanley Cup years.

[Via: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
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