Monday, December 15, 2008

Penguins New Home: Consol Energy Center

I called it back on February 08th after responding on the Pittsburgh Penguins message board thread that the Pittsburgh Penguins were going to award the naming rights to the new arena in Pittsburgh to Consol Energy.
“For more than 140 years, CONSOL Energy has been a part of the tri-state region’s history,” said Brett Harvey, president and chief executive officer of CONSOL Energy. “We are proud to help write a new chapter in Pittsburgh’s history by sponsoring this wonderful new facility.”
I am certainly glad that the group in charge of building this already historic arena went with a company that has a lot of staying power. Just look around the United States with all the companies ever-extending their bank accounts, the ones that originally bought in to the naming rights are going bankrupt.

It is going to be a little adjustment since Pittsburgh hockey fans have only known the former Civic Arena, current Mellon Arena, and affectionately called "the Igloo".

[Via: Pittsburgh Penguins Official Page & Pittsburgh Penguins Message Board]
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