Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Angle of a Dangle

Leafs Nation has been represented on YouTube, Leafs space, and other networking sites by a young dude named Steve. I found some of his videos from early on in the season and I think he is one knowledgeable and entertaining dude. And since my blog has always been friendly to Leafs Nation, I feel like I should introduce him to my readers.

Steve doesn't fit within the stereotype of Leafs fans that gets described by those hockey fans who live outside of Leafs Nation. Take for example his latest video up on YouTube. Despite his team also losing to the Panthers, he turned his attentions to being classy about the return of McCabe and praised the virtuous Swedish hockey fans while contrasting them with the negative ones. How many of us fans can do that?

What I find so captivating is that his Vlog series entitled "Leafs Fan Reaction" is not only is it a daunting task to maintain a YouTube series, but he has all 82 games from last year and completed the first half of this year. They usually show up about a half an hour after the games are over. Steve mentions in his videos that he is still a student, so, that too is a mystery on how he manages to produce them all. How does he churn these masterpieces out so quickly?

Steve's style is part commentary and part funny skit. He introduces, what I would call, his "homer-ist" side character by donning his ML Gardens hat sideways. It's a funny character so he can portray a conversation with himself. But when he scores his arguments with the party-hard Leafs fan, he supports his arguments with examples from the game. The commentary is great, you can tell he knows the game well by the description of the highlights. I have yet to learn just how much hockey he plays himself albeit recreational

Recently, he was given a press pass to cover the AHL Marlies games so he could report on the progress of future TML players. So he's launched a spin-off series called "Marlies Minute" which airs on the same YT channel. Those are interesting as well, but I can't stand looking at the Marlie dog logo. He's captured a few sound bytes from Marlies players and been around to see breaking news about Newbury's call-up. I could probably give him some pointers, being an experienced broadcaster. Indeed, when you cross over into the media, its a surreal experience to be in a locker room full of people you, up until now, have only seen on TV.

All of his archived videos are on YT still, go check them all out. Even if they are dated, they are still entertaining to watch his show evolve. Even you Puck Bunnies and Hockey Honeys take note of the dimple in his cheek!
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