Friday, April 03, 2009

Bourne to Be a Writer-Blogger

Justin Bourne is not a player name that I was familiar with until I decided to read a featured blog article on The Hockey News website. Bourne is a journeyman ECHL player who has only cracked the AHL lineup once. But if the hockey career doesn't work out for him, I do believe he has a journalism career in the works.

This blog article featured in the website exposes fans to the real nature of athletes and the processes they go through during their season. I enjoyed Bourne's style as the reader can watch his emotions take shape. It is written in a free-flowing "stream of consiousness" that builds into a passionate understanding of what it means to bond as a team.
So I got to thinking…how important is team chemistry? Our team in Utah was about an “OK” out of ten on the talent scale, but managed to go deep into playoffs as a scrappy, hard-working team. We had a great leader and liked each other.
I have been trying to find lots of great articles honestly written from hockey players which opens up their realities so that I could continue working on a fiction novel that has been in the works for years.

Check out the link below and read the rest of the article for yourself.

[Via: The Hockey News]
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