Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hockey Fanatic Stanley Cup Endorsement 2009

So, the Minnesota Wild let me down and broke my streak of playoff endorsements rising to the Finals the following year. The Wild didn't make the playoffs. Oops. I don't know if this is going to be an anomaly, but I will try again for my traditional pick of my Stanley Cup Endorsement.

I have decided to endorse the San Jose Sharks as a "dark horse" of sorts for the Stanley Cup this season. Why? It was a tough call. I don't want to go for the obvious homer pick. Don't worry Penguins fans, I still want the Penguins to do it all again this year with a happier ending. But the Sharks have always been a team that seems to always get close but never able to break the Finals barrier for whatever reason. Note: Yes, I know it's the old logo,... but I truly hate the new one!

I also wanted to chose Columbus as my endorsement, but they are still inexperienced in post-season play. So,.. if my theory is still in play, the Sharks will make it to the finals next season as many of my endorsements have already done.
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