Saturday, May 30, 2009

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic Reaches 7th Season

The Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic weblog would like to thank everybody for another year of blogging, fun, and hockey fandom. This blog has now reached another anniversary and we hope that the information that you find here is helpful as well as entertaining.

The author, Michael, would like to thank all those who have put in the time to read and comments. I would also like to thank David of Vault Door Productions for putting together some fantastic video production in projects earlier in the year.

In the past year, I have added several new key elements to the COHF blog. I have added the YouTube video bar to easily be updated with each and every video I upload to the channel. I also added buttons that make it easier to follow the COHF blog's RSS feed. Please, go and add it to any website that accepts that code. Also, I have opened up a COHF video networking site hosted by I have even started interacting with and making new friends at!

The seventh season is going to be another fun-filled cyberspace adventure! I am looking forward to finding new and innovative ways to interact with hockey fans. Stay tuned into hockey's first and longest running blog!
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