Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Hockey Zen Network Gaining Interest

When the popularity of Internet networking has the world's attention, many entrepreneurs and personalities scramble to the computer like it was a gold rush of 1849. Two such individuals, in my opinion, who have staked a claim on the Internet devoted to hockey are the Nadeau Brothers of New Brunswick, Canada.

Chris Nadeau, formerly of the WPHL's Shreveport Mudbugs,(as discovered in the Internet Hockey Database) along with his brother Adrian have put together a hockey channel expressing their thoughts on current events and issues called The Hockey Zen. Clever enough, the Hockey Zen provides enough eye-candy aesthetics in page design for fans to browse through. Even the channel logo is sharp and professional! Hockey fans are getting a great example of a specific genre of networking with this website - something that giant video networking sites, in my opinion, have ignored. Finding active video sharing communities that are interested in talking about hockey is almost like finding a needle in a haystack, but when someone eventually comes along with the Hockey Zen network channel, viewers like me would like to believe they have found a diamond in the rough instead.

But even though the networking site is a vehicle for the brothers Nadeau, they have also graciously opened up The Hockey Zen to their viewers. With forums, polls, blogs, and bandwidth for video replies, fans of the Hockey Zen have fun interacting with one another and perhaps take trash talking shots at their least liked team.

I have even posted some of my COHF content there at the website looking for more fans to interact with. I highly recommend this website!
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