Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Otters Player Suspended for Violent Hit

It is easy to make a villain of the penalized player when he or she is not wearing the jersey of your choice. Biased bloggers rant and rave at anyone else who doesn't see things the way they do. Bloggers even mock and ridicule those who would try to make excuses.

The COHF blog has now found itself in a precarious rare position to have to report of a junior player who's misfortune of involvement has designated him the poster boy for all of the pacifists and anti-hitting hockey fans. Mike Liambas, the Erie Otters heavy hitter, has been suspended for the remainder of the OHL season for the violent hit he delivered to Ben Fanelli.

Just as the resulting injuries are in dispute, the punishment for Liambas is also being question by both the fans of the Otters and by supporters of Fanelli. Would the Otters fans be as indignant if it were to happen to one of their players?

[Via: The Hockey News]
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