Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ovechkin Suspended For Agressive Hit

Those of us who belong to a segment of the NHL fans who know what Ovechkin really is has finally breathed a sigh of relief and proclaim to the heavens "IT'S ABOUT TIME!"

The NHL has suspended (albeit grudgingly) Alex Ovechkin 2 games for his careless knee-on-knee hit on Carolina Hurricanes defenceman Tim Gleason. Even though the hit did not cause severe damage to Gleason, this was not the first time that Ovechkin has made a hit like that. If you've followed my blog to this point, the repeated history of the carelessness that Ovechkin continues to show will only increase to a point where somebody breaks a neck or other critical body part.

The controversial nature of this story is only as controversial as the Russian Ovechkin already portrays himself. It put the league in quite a bind to have to suspend one of the league's consistent leading scorers. He's also got a legion of lemming fans that devote some truly blind allegiance to him.

And if this doesn't get you riled up, look at the way that Ovechkin reacts to the Gleason hit.
"It's not a bad injury," Ovechkin said. "I thought it was going to be worse, but thank God I can walk, I can skate. Of course, it's a little bit sore, but it's not that serious."
No mention in that sentence is he at all concerned with his opponent. It's all about him. It's like his selfishness knows no bounds.

Ovechkin should take the advice of Mark Specktor, with his column at Rogers Sportsnet:
What we’re seeing now is Ovechkin beginning to cross the line from aggressive superstar to a kamikaze hitter who can’t handle the fact that he is going to miss sometimes....If Ovechkin wants to run around and throw the big hit, fine. But if he can’t learn to pass up a hit — like on Gleason, who saw him coming and was about to side step the check — then NHL discipline czar Colin Campbell will be forced to step in again.
And I hope that the next step is Ovechkin being banned for life from the NHL!

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet and Spector @ Sportsnet]
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