Monday, December 21, 2009

Team Canada Knows Winning

As the excitement and hype of the pending world competition coming up, you can guarantee that the blogger-verse has something to say about their respective countries. In a website of a collection of excellent hockey writers and bloggers, I read this gem of a topic to compare two dominant forces in their respective sports. While the New York Yankees enjoy being known as a legacy franchise with a rich historical tradition, Team Canada in hockey has more banners to their credit by combining both adult and junior championships.
Team Canada has won 24 IIHF titles in the 73 year history of the European Championships, more than any other national team.
I suppose that this comparison is a lot like how the Yankees purchase their championships with the depth of both talent and pocketbook. The talent pool of hockey players is deep within Canada as expected from the country that history credits with inventing the game.

The blog article, linked at the bottom of the page, supports the argument with a graphic that all 4 major sports champions. Surprisingly, the CFL has been ommited.

So with this new information, will the North American media stop bleeding-heart for the Yankees organization? It's entirely doubtful, but at least you and I know the truth.

[Via: The Hockey Writers]
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