Monday, February 15, 2010

Second Pittsburgh Area Ice Rink Colapses

Perhaps this is a Culmination of a suicide pact with the area's historic landmark ice rinks. If the Mellon Arena (formerly Civic Arena) goes, then they all go!

Even though the old rink on the south side of the city had not been used for 8 years, the Neville Ice Arena also met a terrible demise under the winter circumstances. Perhaps it has been like a suicide that the building had to escape the limbo of abandonment and the same of reported vandalism. According to the story, Neville Ice arena's lease owner didn't live up to the contract. It has left the city to scramble finding a suitable owner to do something with it or have it demolished completely.

But with the rise of hockey in the area, perhaps this is a developers opportunity to rebuild a rink that could house a Penguins practice facility as well as develop more talent to the Pittsburgh area. I see kids wanting to play hockey more now with the recent Penguins success.

[Via: Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
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