Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tullio Arena Fire

I was just up there 10 days ago, but I was passed this note along by one of my readers that says that the home of my beloved Erie Otters was victimized by a serious fire yesterday morning. This is another Pennsylvania hockey rink this month to be victimized by a tragedy. Perhaps my "suicide pact theory" is still looking viable.
Investigators say the fire damaged part of the arena's lobby, including a kiosk where programs are sold.

Officials say water flooded much of the arena's second floor but a glass case containing team memorabilia did not appear damaged.
Considering that the Arena is currently undergoing plans for a renovation project this summer, I would suggest that making it non-flammable a top priority.

According to the AP article, the scheduled game against the Owen Sound Attack is still going to happen.

[Via: Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
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