Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NHL 2010 Draft Lottery

Quietly, the NHL has announced the top draft orders to the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. It has been the moment that most Toronto Maple Leafs fans have been dreading to it's inevitable conclusion. It was potentially the worst result for them knowing that a top 3 draft pick helping out a Boston Bruins squad that made the playoffs. The pick of potentially gaining a junior player that could potentially turn around a team's wining and losing record will now wear the black and gold for a division rival.

Edmonton, often characterized by some players and fans as "the NHL's Siberia", will have the honor of being up on the podium as the #1 overall draft pick. It's the tale of two T's. Tyler or Taylor. I have heard of both of them, but I am not sure if either of them have the same household recognition that some other high draft picks have accrued. People knew who Sid and Alex and to a lesser extent who Steve was before being drafted #1 overall.

This is a critical moment for the new ownership of the Edmonton Oilers franchise. Once they were a strong dynasty, but now they are struggling to get people to even want to play there. Can they use one of these picks this year to gain a player to market themselves around or build a future playoff contender? We'll see.

And how about the NHL going out and finding a commercial opportunity to the NHL draft lottery! They got somebody to sponsor the draft lottery. Wow. An event that lasts all of approximately 5 minutes (but covered for 30) has a major sponsor.

[Via: NHL.com]
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