Thursday, September 23, 2010

HBO teams with NHL to make doccumentary of Winter Classic 2011

Back when the biggest controversial debate was how the NHL should sign a worthwhile TV contract, many fans, including bloggers, desired a way that could link away for fans to get introduced to the players themselves and get to know them as people. The more players the NHL can show to the public, they can back off of selling hockey's golden boys Ovechkin and Crosby.

Seeing the success that the subscription based cable channel Home Box Office, HBO, has had with the NFL all access reality series, the NHL is going to gamble on the idea that HBO can do the same thing to them. Making the NHL athletes as a viable marketing plan for the future is trending with everyone else in North America. Lets know who these people really are under the helmets.

The hype for this Winter Classic can't get any bigger than the initial announcement made in the middle of Heinz Field. Added with the additional story lines of a traditional rivalry, the ratings are a guaranteed success.
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