Friday, September 03, 2010

Mario Lemieux to Receive Order of Canada

(Photo: The Canadian Press)
Mario Lemieux has done so much for so many people that he is often rewarded for it. Sometimes, I think there is nothing left for him to do or be awarded for. Last year, he was honored by Quebec and dubbed a Knight by his home province. This year, he is yet again bestowed another national honor that many select NHL and hockey personalities have earned. But what exactly is the Order of Canada? Does it come with a side of poutine?
Created in 1967 during the country's centennial year, the Order of Canada recognizes Canadians for a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.
Anyone would certainly agree that Mario, the walking legend, has embodied that very description in both his home country and his adopted home in Pittsburgh.

Even after all the accolades, honors, and titles that Mario has been given, it amazes me at just how much he takes it in stride with humility. He's a man who has been able to pull off a miracle or two and now a whole nation has been able to thank him.

[Via: Canadian Broadcasting Company]
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