Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hockey Pin-Ups

The puck bunny jokes often get the cliche mention on lesser blogs and other media sources, but the hockey world does need it's share of eye candy from the cheesecake crowd as well as the pin-up queens. Enter: Rob Ullman who's cartoonist style has sexed up the female hockey fan in a fresh new way!

Rob is a Penguins fan living in the enemy territory of Washington D.C. When he is not doing one of his steady cartoonist gigs, sketching the latest commission work, or on the road during a tour along the Atlantic coast, Rob Ullman posts his female subjects up on his blog called Atom Bomb Bikini (NSFW). His artwork caters to either the comic book nerd or sports fan as each lady is barely dressed in team colors or heroine outfit.

The latest entry to catch my eye is a tribute to the start of the latest NHL season by saluting the newest and grandest structure in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Of course, the link at the bottom doesn't have the watermark that I made sure to include on my page, but if you go there, be sure to pick out a favorite lady who is sporting one of your own team colors.

Rob Ullman has also published a handful of books with all of his risqué artwork. Be sure to check out his shelf of wares ready to ship after the convenient PayPal button is pressed.

[WARNING: Rob Ullman's non-sports and non-comic work is not safe for work as it depicts the more fanciful desires of the feminine form!]

[Via: Atom Bomb Bikini]
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