Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Great One" Gretzky is 50 Years Old

Every professional sport has a player that was so good they seem to transcend the game itself. And through that, the guy from Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Wayne Gretzky is someone we all have heard about in our lifetime. He's been profiled, satirized, and filmed numerous documentaries, to the point where he's a living folk hero.

Of the things that he has achieved in the game of hockey, many critics and fans say will never ever be duplicated. So, I gathered a few sources that shared links and stories of everything around the day-long celebration in the links. It really illustrates the way that Canadians view their national hero. Maybe you might want to share a memory about Wayne in the comments section.

Happy 50th birthday, Wayne Gretzky.

[Via: Los Angeles Times and Toronto Star]
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