Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cooke Causes Colision and Cacophony of Calous Critics

The NHL's poster-boy for what they think that's all that's wrong with the sport, Pittsburgh Penguin Matt Cooke, has immediately channeled the full ire of many fans who dislike his overly aggressive style of play. During a recent game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, veteran defensman Fedor Tyutin skated back to his own zone to play the puck. But he was quickly made to feel the force of Cooke's body slam into him at full speed. The result was a catastrophic hit that not only looked monstrous, but something that would be worth a lengthy suspension.
Attempting to back up the latest rhetoric about being tough on players who recklessly pass up the safety for others, the NHL decided to lower the boom on Matt Cooke and suspend him for 4 games.
"It's the league's decision," he said. "They assess every hit and every play. That's their ruling."
It's a ho-hum or been-there-done-that response from one of the most villainous current NHL players. Most times, Cooke brings it on himself, but he's got a reputation now, so can it be possible that other teams can exploit the potential meltdown.

In the FSN Pittsburgh broadcast, the one that has almost made itself into a mini-viral video, it was conveniently cut out that the slow-motion cameras that showed apparent victim Fedor Tyutin had turned his head back before playing the puck, then turns his back to the on-coming Cooke, right in time to be delivered the hit. Did Tyutin position himself to draw the major penalty?

Given that additional information, it is quite easy to get fans' dander up and rabble rouse against Matt Cooke for what he did. But if you get the whole story... then the big picture palette looks more palpable.

[Via: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
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