Wednesday, March 23, 2011

24/7 HBO Series Nominated for Three Emmy Awards

The critical feedback from the 24/7 HBO documentary was kind by most media outlets based on my collective observances were mostly kind and open to the experience. They, including me, hoped that the show would gain new fans to the game while it featured some of the more charismatic personalities and dramatic moments that makes hockey a great sport.

Today, it was announced that the HBO series was nominated for 3 Emmy Awards. The categories were Outstanding Edited Sports Special, Outstanding Post Produced Audio/Sound and the Dick Schaap Writing Award. It sounds like a really nice achievement given that this is the first venture into production like the 24/7 series.

The most sports broadcasts to recieve nominations were ESPN's(Disney) showing of the FIFA World Cup with 12 nominations and NBC Universal with the XXI Winter Olympics at 11 nominations. So, that just puts things into perspective.

I can't really gage weather this success will encourage the league to promote the game more in this fashion, but I would definitely say that this doesn't hurt either.

[Via: Washington Post]
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