Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Quebec Sells Arena Naming Rights For New Arena

When customers buy something in advance with the expectation that the seller will deliver, we call it "pre-pay". So, the Quebec governing body have been operating with the same business model. They've accepted payment from media communications company Quebecor as means to reserve the naming rights to the proposed new arena in Quebec City.

This is the next step in proving to the NHL that a new Quebec team in the National Hockey League would be considered as a future home to a new NHL franchise.

I am truly impressed that the figureheads in this Quebec venture is learning from past battles with the NHL and saying all the right things to the public.
"We all know there is no guarantee from the league, for the moment, that we will have a hockey team in Quebec," Peladeau stressed.
"But that won't stop me from continuing to promote the file ... because we have all the necessary conditions."
They don't want to rock the boat, but subtlety they want the League to take notice that they are locking in the conditions for a new team again.

But to watch this process play out, a wrinkle has appeared in the funding for the arena. A portion of the funding for the arena is needed from the federal government, a situation that is prime for a political battle with the Conservative provincial government.

Conversely, the plans to open up the new proposed Quebec arena to the Province is already agreed upon. It won't be just for making millionaires more money with taxpayer funding.
As part of the deal, Quebecor has promised to make the building available 30 days each year for cultural events.
This would mean that Quebec City residents would have their own gathering place for concerts and other events when a trip to rival city Montreal has been cumbersome.

Rogers Sportsnet
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