Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slovakia Hosts World Championships

Unfortunately it's getting drowned out by the excitement and drama of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the IIHF World Championships of Hockey is being hosted by Slovakia. But the built in hype of it surrounds the bigger picture of national pride on the line (instead of just a civic one), it's an event that collects the best of the best that makes it really exciting hockey.

Like a host city should, Slovakia welcomes everyone to the country for this year's World Championship with an official anthem song sung by Kristína Peláková called Life is a Game. The video for the song is an exciting sound of drum beats. It's main features more of exciting highlights from past years with dancers in body paint being patriotic. You can watch it here:
I've seen and heard Kristína perform last year at the EuroVision 2010 competition and impressed me with her range of singing dance beats and more calming lullaby ballad tones.

This song, Life is a Game, is very Europop sounding, but sung in English instead of her native Slovak which I have gotten used to. Her prior hits have been Horehronie about the earthy beauty of central Slovakia and Ešte Váham. Personally, I hope this song can propel her to more international recognition. What do you guys think?

The games start April 29th in Košice and meet in Bratislava to end the 15th of May. I'll be covering the news from there once the tournament starts.
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