Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hockey Fanatic Awards 2011

The NHL Awards are tonight and based on previous years results they will most likely get things wrong AGAIN!. Here are my alternative picks to those honors and showing you my selections for the individual and team performance Awards this year. I also took into consideration the entire hockey season from October until June.

Most Valuable Rookie: Logan Couture of the San Jose Sharks

Because Skinner and Grabner could also have been very good choices, Couture's efforts were able to carry over his team into the post-season.

Most Valuable Player: Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins

If it wasn't for him, the Bruins might not have won the Cup this year.

Most Valuable Coach: Dan Bylsma of the Pittsburgh Penguins

His efforts to keep the team together despite the tragedy of losing the two best hockey players in the world for half the season.

Most Valuable Defenseman: Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators

He's the tough guy on the blueline for a team that needs something to hang their 10-gallon (37.85 liters) collective hats on.

Most Valuable Goalie: Tim Thomas

His unquestionable unorthodox style made him stand out this year and helped his team survive 3 Game 7's in the playoffs.

Most Valuable NHL Slovak player: Zedeno Chara of the Boston Bruins

This 2x award honoree is now the first and only Slovak-born captain to receive the Stanley Cup.

Most Valuable Teammate Tandem: Marty St. Louis and Steve Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning

Unlike the Sedins who ultimately disappeared when needed most, Marty and Steve consistently performed through the playoffs until the the team ran out of gas.

Comeback Player of the Year: Pavel Datsyuk

To have missed a vast majority of the season due to injury, Pavel got into stride leaving over a point per game playoff pace at 1.36 PPG.

Most Valuable General Manager: Peter Chiarelli of the Boston Bruins

He was able to finally put together a balanced Boston Bruins team at every position at the trading deadline and was rewarded with the league championship.

Most Valuable Ice Girls: Anaheim Ducks Ice Girls

Given the understanding that So-Cal provides the deepest talent pool for teams like this, the Ice Girls in Anaheim this year were the best.

Most Valuable Fanbase: Montreal Canadians fans

Simply because they inundated the police urging that assault charges be made after the hit on Max Pacioretty. That's a true dedicated and fanatical response, something all sports franchises wish they had with their respective fanbases.

Can-Am Award presented in recognition to bloggers or fans who have contributed positively to Canadian and American fan relations: Clayton "Chansler" Hansler and Steve "Dangle".
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