Sunday, July 03, 2011

Heatley For Havlat Trade

"Shocking" doesn't quite describe the emotional response to the news late tonight that the Sharks have unloaded Heatley to a team that could desperately use him. To give up on his services this early means that the Sharks weren't as patient as they first thought they would be. But the real focus should be on the new direction of a Minnesota Wild team which lacked scoring and new coach.

Heatley has been criticized by the media and the NHL fans for not giving a full effort on the ice especially during playoff time. Fans and pundits should be amazed that there is one more team out there willing to take a chance on him. You can count me in that group. Heatley would have to prove something to me and a lot of Wild fans if he actually has something left in the tank.

Martin Havlat is the other side of the coin, to overuse another cliche. He's been misused in Minnesota and now looks to be on better terms with San Jose. Just make sure that Havlat's agent,  Allan Walsh, doesn't make use (or misuse)  of the twitter account again.

Havlat's scored 209 goals in his NHL career with 3 teams. But Heatley's proven more scoring power with 325 career NHL goals with his 3 previous teams.

It's also a minor subscript to this trade is that it was made as a "1 for 1" deal. No side deals or draft picks. Two disgruntled players were traded for each other in hopes that they could find change and a way up through changes in scenery - and uniforms.

[Via: NBC Sports ]
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